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Fortification of Yoghurt with Health-Promoting Additives: A Review


Health benefits associated with fermented milk products can be attributed to the bacterial starter culture or to the dietary adjuncts added after to the fermented product. Infectious diseases are the biggest problems for human beings in today’s world. Every year gastrointestinal infections lead to significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Consumption of fermented dairy products improve host metabolism by maintaining balance of the intestinal micro flora and may thus have a positive effect on the host. Improved digestion of lactose, aid in control of serum cholesterol levels, antagonistic action toward pathogens and control of certain types of intestinal cancer are the primary potential health benefits associated with fermented products. Among all milk fermented products, yoghurt is a well-known and more common product and has more acceptability as compared to other products in the world. Yoghurt is easily digested (because milk protein, fat and lactose components undergo partial hydrolysis during fermentation), has high nutritional value and is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus. This part of the review presents some of the cases of fortification of yoghurt along with their benefits and drawbacks. The practice of fortification of yoghurt with health promoting additives is gaining popularity and is expected to fulfill more nutritional needs also.

Reeta, Kumar S, Ankita J and Ramadevi N

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