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Phytochemical and Nutritive Qualities of Dried Seeds of Buchholzia Coriacea


The qualitative, quantitative phytochemical analyses, proximate and the minerals composition of dried seeds of Buchholzia coriacea were determined using standard methods. The proximate analysis showed that the seeds contained moisture (1.30%), crude fat (2.30%), crude protein (13.34%), ash content (6.6%), crude fibre (2.19%), carbohydrate (75.43%).the mineral analysis indicated that the dried seeds contained sodium (1.22ppm), potassium (1.34 ppm), phosphorous (0.22mg/g), calcium (0.19%), magnesium (1.62%), zinc (0.18%) iron (1.11%), and manganese (0.46%). The phytochemicals detected where alkaloids (3.16 and 3.32%), glycosides (2.16 and 2.46 %), saponin (2.10 and 2.23%), steroids (0.14 and 0.16%) ,tannin (6.46 and 6.73%), flavonoids (0.68 and 0.79%), terpenes (0.22 and 0.16%), reducing sugars (1.14 and 1.71%) and phenol (1.83 and 1.26%) for ethanol and methanol extract respectively.

Ibrahim TA and Fagbohun ED

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