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Prevalence of nutritional status and metabolic disease risk among primary pupils in central region


 The WHO estimated 155 million or one in 10 school-ages 5 – 17 year’s old children worldwide to be either overweight or obese. Objective: The study investigated the prevalence of obesity, overweight, underweight, stunting and metabolic disease risk among primary pupils. A cross sectional study was conducted using simple random sampling method to recruit 270 primary pupils within the ages of  6-17 years who  had 3 to 6 years of formal education at the Kwaprow M/A Primary and Samrose Academy.  Anthropometric data and metabolic syndrome indicators were collected.  Risk factor for metabolic disease risk was also assessed through the administration of questionnaires. Proportions were presented for the indicators. Results: The prevalence of obesity, overweight, underweight, stunting and metabolic disease risk among the primary pupils were 3.5%, 5.3%, 7.7% ,2.4% and 8.8% respectively. There was a higher overweight (14.3%) and obesity (3.5%) prevalence among females than in males There was a statistically significant correlation between nutritional status and the risk of metabolic disease ( r=0.7; p< 0.023). Males were more statistically significantly (p<0.022) stunted compared with females. Conclusion: The prevalence of overweight, underweight and metabolic disease risk was high in Central region compared with the national average. Keyword: Obesity, stunting, metabolic disease, wasting, nutritional status, children under 5 years.

 Jacob Setorglo
University Post, Cape Coast, Ghana

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