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Tulsi plant’s (Holy-Basil) relation with mind and body


The public's view of human health has radically changed in recent years, many chronic health problems are being noted worldwide. “Tulsi” which in Latin called “Ocimum Sanctum” and in English “Holy Basil”. Tulsi is also known as “Queen of Herbs” and “Mother Medicine of Nature”. In India, Tulsi plant is worshipped as “Elixir of Life” due to its spiritual and medicinal properties and is considered as good luck while protecting the families from evil (viruses harmful & bacteria, etc.) Every part of the plant, from leaves to its roots and seeds has many great uses for the body. In this world's pandemic with COVID-19, it is really helpful to increase the immune system of the body and to fight with this Coronavirus. In the language of science on Tulsi, it is a tonic for the body and mind that offers solutions to many day-to-day life health problems. It emits oxygen for 24 hours, results in better sleep, consuming it prevents some chronic & acute diseases, promotes well-being, and benefits sex life by increasing fertility. In this research paper, I have included the benefits and uses of this Tulsi plant how it is beneficial for all ages as different parts of it work similarly and differently for the stronger immune system of the body.  This research paper also consists, proper use of this holy basil, some misconceptions about it, and what happens if used in an excess form.        

 Pushpak Pradiprao Khonde, 
Degree College of Physical Education, India

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