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Using Native and Modified Starch in Processed Cheese Analogue Manufacture to Reduce Cost


Cheese is one of the important by products of milk that is prepared by coagulation of the milk protein (casein). It is used mostly as a food additive in many of the preparations and produced in a wide range of flavors and textures. Processed cheese is an analogue of natural cheese that has been prepared from it after addition of many more excipients to it. In the last few years the prices of processed cheese ingredients are increased. Our present study is mainly done to reduce the cost of processed cheese by using native and modified starch. So we made several trials to reduce the processed cheese cost by adding different percentages of the two types of starch, native and modified starch and reduce the protein content. The processed cheese recipes were tested for taste, texture, dry matter and fat/dry matter. The results were as followed 5-6% native starch or 2% modified starch are applied successfully (good taste and texture). These recipes reduce the cost 40% because the protein content is about4% -5% instead of 8-10%. These ingredients are the good solution for low cost processed cheese.

Mohamed ME

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