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Articles in Press

2021: Volume 9, Issue 2
Case Report:  RRJDS
A Giant Sub-Mandibular Sialolith: A Case Report
Jawahar Anand
Research Article:  JDS
Guided bone regeneration in Immediate Dental Implants
Review Article:  RRJDS
Teaching of Bioethics and Competence-based learning for the Professional exercise of Postgraduate Students
Ana María Carlos-Erazo , Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz and María del Socorro Barriga Flores  
2021: Volume 9, Issue 6
Review Article:  jds
Current Strategies for Removal of Dental Calculus: A Review
Sharayu Rajendra Dhande*, Sangeeta Dilip Muglikar, Rashmi Vivek Hegde, Prerna Sanjay Ghodke and Raunak Salim Baksh
Dental ilan
Elektronik Sigara