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2022: Volume 11, Issue 4

Case Report:  RRJAAS
Socio-Economic Status of Women After Establishment of Community Forest: A Case Study of Taarku Community Forest, Lamjung
Yushika Subedi, Ronika Thapa, Khuma Kumari Bhusal
Case Report:  RRJSMS
Impact of Rainfall on Agriculture Case Study of Tamil Nadu
Dayalan N*, Pavendar T
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Socio-Economic Importance of Baraila Wetland
Dheeraj Kumar Singh*, Abhishek Prasad Sahu, Radha Krishna Jha, D N Choudhary
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Anuj Kumar, Uma Shankar Tiwari, Kamlesh Kumar Yadav*, Virendra Singh and Pankaj Kumar Singh
Research Article:  RRJAAS
An Empirical Assessment of Farmers' Livelihood Security in the NorthEastern Region of Nigeria
Offar Gwandi*, Adewuyi KA
Research Article:  RRJAAS
The Roles of Infltrution Trench and Area Enclosure on Grazing Land Biomass Productivity and Soil Properties at Diga, Eastern Wollega Zone, Ethiopia
Dessalegn Etana Kejela*
Review Article:  RRJAAS
The "Principal-Agent" Problem in Indian Agricultural ACT, 2020
Twinkal Dogra*
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Cultivation on Saline Soil and its Effect on Crops and Livelihood of People: Evidences from Kultali Block, South 24 Parganas
Aminul Haque Mistry*
Short Communication:  RRJAAS
A Study on Organic Synthesis via Ketene
Sarita Bishnoi*
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Evaluation of Nutritional analysis of "Khakhra" Prepared by Buckwheat Flour and Gram Flour (Sattu)
Sunita Mishra*, Gaurav Singh
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Quality Assessment of Soil in the Vicinity of Rice Mill and Sponge Iron Industry at Central India
Preeti Verma, SK Chatterjee, Sanjay Ghosh, Deepak Sinha
Review Article:  JAAS
Effect of Streptomyces Sp on Growth Promotion and Grain Yield in Black Gram Fields (Vigna Mungo)
Alapati Krishna Satya *, Kunchala Rajyalakashmi, Syed Shabana, Qasim Turki Kadhim, Ch. Padmavathi, Merakanapalli Kishore Babu
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Nitrogen Management in Late Sown Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.)
Bikramjeet Singh, Gagandeep Singh
Review Article:  RRJAAS
New Phythalic Acid Diamide Flubendiamide-Its Effects on Non-Target Species-A Review
C P Anitha Devi, Bismi Antony
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Effect of Thermophysical Methods of Seed Treatments Like Hot Water, Hot Air and Microwave Seed Treatment on Seed, Seedling Quality Parameters and Disease Incidence in Solanum melongena
Romika Thakur, Narender K Bharat, Ayush Gupta, Shireen Khatri, Ranjana Pathania
Research Article:  Res Rev J Agric Allied Sci
Development and Assessment of Antioxidant, Anticancer Activity of Poly-Herbal Combination
Binay Kumar Mahto, Ajay Kumar Shukla
Research Article:   Res Rev j Agric Allied Sci
Livelihood Pattern of Riverine Areas of Dibrugarh District and its Prospects of Livelihood Diversification
Sanjib Kumar Dutta
Case Report:  RRJAAS
Constraints in Chill Production in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh: A Case Study
Awadhesh Narayan Shukla*, Sarju Narain, sl Pal
Review Article:  RRJAAS
Review on Innovative Irrigation Water-Saving Strategies to Improve Water and Yield Productivity of Onions
Belachew Muche*, Demsew Bekele and Minybel Fentahun
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Identifying the Suitable Extraction Method for Malu-A Bast Fibre
Gauri Goel*, Ruchi Kholiya, Alka Goel
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Assessment of In-vitro Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Calendula officinalis flower Extract using Fenton Reaction
Priyanka Pandey*, Ashis Kumar Sarkar, Bhagyashree Despande, Wasim Raja
Research Article:  JAAS
Evaluation of Insecticidal activity of selected medicinal plants against Tetranychus urticae (Mites)
Gowri. S, Meena Chandran*