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Dr. R. Palani Dorai

Dr. R. Palani Dorai

Dr. R. Palani Dorai

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University




Dr.R.Palani Dorai, is a Professor in the LPT department (Dairy Science) at the Madras Veterinary College of the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, with a teaching experience of 24 years. He has been involved in active teaching, research and extension activities and has guided three masters and one doctoral student. He has worked in several research projects of which “ a plant substitute for cheese making from Calatropis ” was funded by the DBT. He has also designed and fabricated a home yoghurt maker using FRP which makes it portable. He has also applied patent for a process of production of lactose free, low fat rice based ice cream for the lactose intolerance population. He has twenty nine research articles to his credit and has written five books and many more hand-outs and pamphlets for farmers.


Research Interest

Fortification, Membrane technology, Fermented and Frozen Dairy products