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2017: Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Effect of Incorporating Two Different Woven Glass Fiber Reinforcent on the Flexural Strength of Acrylic Denture Base Materials
Mehmood Asghar, Shahab Ud Din, Muhammad Kaleem
Editor Note:  Dental Sciences
Current Trends in Dentistry
Bouguezzi Adel, Abdul Habeeb Bin Mohsin
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
A Novel Surrogate Parameter Measuring the Outcome in Dental Clinical Trials
Just BA, Quaas S, Rudolph H, Walter M, Foest EM and Luthardt RG
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Feasibility of CBCT in Evaluating Bone Density of Dental Implant Placement Sites
Yassir Elkhidir, Sun Wei, Li Suyang, Mengqing Xie and Cheng Yang
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Potential Leaching of Hazardous Metal Ions from Soldered Orthodontic Appliance
Nora Rizka Mohamad, Khairil Aznan Mohamed Khan, Murshida Marizan Nor and Haizal Mohd Hussaini
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Distribution of Adolescents with Gingivitis and Dental Calculus in Jequitinhonha Valley, State of Minas Gerais, South-Eastern Brazil: A Study Using Geoprocessing
Fonseca EP, Guimarães Abreu MHN, Palmier AC, Ferreira EF and Vargas AMD
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Frequency of Hypercementosis in 1254 Extracted Permanent Human Teeth: Biological Explanation and Clinical Implication
Madukwe IU
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Ossifying Fibroma: Clinico-Pathologic and Immuno-Histochemical Investigation of 157 Cases in a Tertiary Referral Centre
Soyele OO, Braimah RO, Ibikunle AA, Taiwo AO, Gbotolorun MO and Aregbesolad SB
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
In Vitro Comparison of Microleakage and Tensile Bond Strength of Self Adhesive Cement and Conventional Adhesive Luting Cements for Cementation of Stainless Steel Crowns in the Primary Molars
Krishna Chaithanya Reddy
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (Kap) of Teachers Regarding Dental Traumatic Injuries Among School Children of Shimla City
Anika Uppal, Seema Thakur, Parul Singhal, Deepak Chauhan, Cheeranjevi Jayam and Divya Doneriya
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Oral Health Status of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review
Azza A. El-Housseiny, Najlaa M. Alamoudi, Sumaya Nouri, Bashaer Abdulhadi, Reem Allarakia
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Bleaching Effectiveness and Tooth Sensitivity of Inoffice Hydrogen Peroxide Containing Titanium Dioxide Based Bleaching Agent: A Systematic Review
Seema Yadav
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Intraoral X-Ray Films- A Walk Through History
Rakhi Issrani
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Extrafollicular Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor – A Case Report
Thomas Ninan, Nishath Khanum, Prathibha Rani RM and Srisha Basappa
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Liquid-Supported Denture- A Boon To Flabby Ridges
Radhika Shrivastava, Suryakant C Deogade, Sneha S Mantri and Sumathi K
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Pre-surgical Nasoalveolar Moulding in Cleft Lip and Palate Patient: A Case Report
Sounder Raj K, Rachana Srivastava, Satyam Gaur and Tuhina Ghosh
Short Communication:  Dental Sciences
Carbon Nanotubes in Orthodontics
Anitha Alageshan, Akhter Husain, Raghavendra Kini and Nillan Shetty