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Articles in press and Articles in process

Research Article:  RRJPAP
Three-Dimensional Relativistic Shrinkage PK One-Dimensional Lorentz Shrinkage
Runsheng Tu
Research Article:   Res Rev J Pure Appl Phys
DFT Investigation, Chemical Reactivity Identification and Molecular Docking of 2(E)˗1˗(3˗bromothiophene˗2˗yl)˗3˗(furan˗2˗yl)prop˗2˗en˗1˗one
A Nataraja, K Anithaa B Narayanab
Review Article:  RRJPAP
Laser-Driven Acoustic Waves: Physical Properties of Paramagnetic Metal
Narjis Zamil Abdulzahra*
Review Article:  JPAP
Effect of Water Loss on The Neutron Transmission of The Reactor Shielding Concrete
S. Alhajali, M. Boush
Research Article:  RRJPAP
Towards a Clasically Possible Inner Structure of Elementary Particles
Ismail German*
Editorial:  RRJPAP
Brief Overview on Conservation of Energy
Nathaniel Walton
Image:  RRJPAP
Light Force of Friction and the Ether as Teflon
Paul T E Cusack*, Saint John
Short Communication:  RRJPAP
Light & the Ether
Paul T E Cusack*
Short Communication:  J Pure Appl Phys
Disproof of Gravitational Constant
James T Struck
Research Article:   Res Rev J Pure Appl Phys
Effect of Hydrogenation on Physical Properties of TiMn2 type Alloy
Mehdi Afshari Abolkarlou
Research Article:   J Pure Appl Phys
Investigation of Structural and Optical Properties of Single Phase Czts Thin Films Synthesized by Spin Coating Technique
Jagdish Prasad1,2*, Yadava J1, Nehraa S1, Sharmaa H1, Singh M1
Commentary:  JPAP
Stochastic Local Operations and Classical Communication (SLOCC) Entanglement Classification for 4n Qubits via Integer Partitions: A Commentary
Commentary:  JPAP
A Space Probe Designed to Improve the Accuracy of all Gravitational Calculations
Commentary:  JPAP
The Frauchiger-Renner Argument: A Critical Analysis
Commentary:  JPAP
Excess Covariance and the “Hole Problem” in General Relativity
Commentary:  JPAP
A Commentary on the Analogy between Stochastic Electrodynamics and Nonrelativistic Quantum Electrodynamics
Commentary:  JPAP
Commentary on Modern Meson Spectroscopy: The Fundamental Role of Unitarity
Perspective Article:  Res Rev J Pure Appl Phys
Possibility of Quantum Entanglement and EPR
Aayush Verma
Review Article:  Rev J Pure Appl Phys
The Slowing of the Inner Core and the Loss of Angular Momentum of Planetary Masses and Particles under Dynamo: The Expanding Earth
Daniel L Roberts