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Articles in Press

2017: Volume 3, Issue 3
Short Communication:  JHCP
Clinical Study of Demographic Profile, Etiology, Severity and Outcome of Acute Pancreatitis in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Northern India
Vijay Ahlawat
Short Communication:  JHCP
An audit involving questionnaires in ckd outpatients: are doctors meeting patient education standards regarding disease severity and progression at two birmingham hospitals?
Ms. Katie Allen
2018: Volume 4, Issue 1
Short Communication:  JHCP
Knowledge and Attitude on Eye Donation Among Nonmedical Staff in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital at Puducherry, India
Amirtha Santhi and Malarvizhi
Short Communication:  JHCP
Clinical use of a modified flow cytometry method for the analysis of a selected urine particle in urine samples collected from hospitalized patients
Magdalena Szmulik
Short Communication:  JHCP
Bio Immune (G)Ene Medicine-Bi(G) Med-Can Neutralize Bacterial Agents by Beating them at their Own Game
Gilbert Glady
2018: Volume 4, Issue 2
Short Communication:  JHCP
Pain management in aesthetic medicine
Short Communication:  JHCP
Utilization of Online Clinic, Ai, and Robot in the Digital Transformation of Telemedicine
Masatsugu Tsuji
Short Communication:  JHCP
A Novel Bioactive Extract from Spirulina with Multi-Functional Properties Shows Clinical Efficacy against Onychomycosis and Tinea Infections; And Its Implications for Other Dermatological Conditions
Leodevico (Vic) L Ilag
2019: Volume 5, Issue 2
Short Communication:  JHCP
Issues Associated with Protein-Based Pharmaceuticals
Rita Haj Ahmad
Short Communication:  JHCP
Endocrowns: Clinical Report
Erika Lander and Didier Dietschi
Short Communication:  JHCP
Comparative Pharmacokinetic Study of Ledipasvir after Single Dose Using Novel Methodology
Saad A Alkahtani
2020: Volume 6, Issue 1
Short Communication:  JHCP
Isolation and Screening on Antagonistic Secondary Metabolites from Seaweeds Surface Associate Bacterial Strains and In Vitro Pharmaceutical Approach
Henson jebajose
Short Communication:  JHCP
Pharmaceuticals from Production to Sale
Inci Selin Dogan
Short Communication:  JHCP
Developing Networks in Dentistry - How Important it is!
Rajashree Dasari
2019: Volume 5, Issue 1
Short Commentary:  JHCP
Exploration of Sepsis-Confirming Markers for Hospital Autopsy
Kunihiro Inai
Short Commentary:  JHCP
Medication Adherence Pattern, Associated Factors and outcomes among Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in Tanzania: A Prospective Cohort Study
Pedro Pallangyo
Short Communication:  JHCP
Nanomedicine Research, Process Scale up, Manufacturing and Pk/Pd-A State of the Art
Kuntal Ganguly
Short Communication:  JHCP
Evaluation of Drug Information Services in a South Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Navya Saketi, Swetha Siga, Tanooj Krishna.G, John Kirubakaran