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Articles in press and Articles in process

Opinion Article:  Res Pharm Sci
Recent and Future Developments in Regulatory Affairs
Han Sui
Short Communication:  rrjpps
Design and Development of Tdds of Toresemide
Research Article:  rrjpps
Formulation and Evaluation Allopurinol Micro Encapsulation by Double Emulsion Solvent Diffusion Method
Shabnamkhan Shikha Agrawal *
Short Communication:  rrjpps
Analysis on Pharm.D in India
Ambika Nand Jha*
Research Article:  rrjpps
Bioestimation of Desloratadine and Montelukast Sodium in Spiked Human Plasma by High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography
Anvithaa Varghese*
Short Communication:  rrjpps
Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Biopharm
Priyanka Aswal*
Commentary:  jpps
A Short Note on Biopharmaceuticals
John Welson
Commentary:  jpps
A Note on Regulations of Medical Research
Simon Dennis
Perspective Article:  jpps
A Note on Practices of Clinical Pharmacy
John Welson
Research Article:  jpps
Monofluoromethylation of Complex Pharmaceutical Steroids Using Non-Depleting Reagents
Emília P. T. Leitão
Research Article:  rrjpps
Renal Stone and Patients with COVID-19 Infection: Coincidence or causality
Kasiri H, Moradimajd P, Samaee HR, Ghazaeian M*
Case Report:  rrjpps
Case Report on Valproic Acid Derivatives Indused Papular Rash and Thrombocytopenia.
Mohana Chintha*
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Impurity Profiling for Pharmaceutical Product by Using Different Analytical Techniques - A Overview
Naveen Kumar*
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Modification of Drug Particle Morphology by Spherical Crystallization Technique to Obtain Directly Compressible Material
S Jyothi*
Review Article:  RRJPPS
A Review on Application of Nanotechnology in Pharmaceuticals
Apeksha P Avakale*, Shubham M Sanap, Suraj D Sagrule, RH Kale, K R Biyani
Research Article:  rroijjpps
Hydrodynamics Balance System of Herbal Oral Dosage Form for Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy
Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Mini Review:  rroijjpps
An Over View on Film Proteins Channels, Pumps and Charge Separators
Sowjanya Ambadipudi
Mini Review:  rroijjpps
An Introduction of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Sowjanya Ambadipudi
Short Communication:  rrjpps
Protein Dynamics and Conformational Ensembles
Hari Krishna*
Review Article:  jpps
Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Big Data on the Drug Development Stage: A Literature Review
John Raymond
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Comparative LC-ESI/MS Chemical Profile, HPLC Analysis of Isoflavonoids and Genetic Diversity of Five Soybean Genotypes
Suzan Adib Minaa, Howaida Ibrahim Abd-Alla, Rasha Mohamed Lithy, Marwa Mohamed Abd-Elmotaleb
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